Thank you for visiting Against the Wind. I appreciate your interest and the support I have received from listeners over the past year+. The podcast/radio show, Against the Wind, has been discontinued, but fear not. Brandon Hanson is still hosting and producing podcasts. If you enjoyed Against the Wind you will want to visit the ministry website of Christ Hold Fast at www.christholdfast.org. There you will find Brandon's new podcast, CruxCast, as well as:

  • many other podcasts

  • articles 

  • videos

  • other freebies

  • and much more

All these resources are Christ-centered, cross-focused, and rightly dividing Law & Gospel.Everyday there is something new from a host of creative collaborators and contributors who are passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

If you were looking for the AtW store, you will find many of the items that were offered there now being sold at the CHF store. To be redirected there, click here to go to www.christholdfast.org/store.

You can still listen to archived episodes of Against the Wind as long as this website is available. The plan is to keep this website active and available until January 2015.